Friday, December 9, 2011

Magic Mesh

Magic Mesh, Magic Mesh.  (slow head shake here)

This product falls into the “could-probably-do-it-yourself” with better results category.  The product uses magnets and Velcro to support the screen over a door.  As you can probably speculate, Velcro and magnets are not up to the task.  The fabric does not stayed adhered to the door frame, nor does fabric typically close properly.   

In addition, the screen material is low quality and prone to ripping and fraying.

If I wanted such a product, I would use metal wire or depending on the door frame a piece of wood or metal to properly support the fabric with mechanical fasteners such as screws or hooks.   I would also weigh the bottom of the door with string of beads sewn into the bottom to drape the fabric.

Special note: It has been rumored, as so often with ‘as-seen-on-tv’ products ordering from the website or 1-800 number at your own peril.  There are been reports of duplicate orders, difficult to cancel orders, and high “shipping and handling” charges.  (See link below)


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