Monday, April 8, 2013


Does it work? Huh...

I love writing these types of reviews.  It's almost like the manufacturers create something, then try to market it to an audience.  Needless to say, the product is a weak powered vac with some attachments.   It’s not powerful enough to displace ear wax.  I’m not sure I would like a powerful vacuum in my ear.  

I guess if you had some water in your ear, it may suck up that.  On the upside, it guess it could be used to vacuum dirt from a keyboard or crevices in a car.  

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Does it work? It may 

It is true, garden hoses could use innovation.  They are often cumbersome, they kink, they are heavy, and a space hog. A lightweight hose that also shrinks would be great.  However, it seems we are not quite there yet.
* The rubber on the inside is not durable enough for the intended purpose and is easily ruptured.  
* The connections are not build to leak-proof specs.
* If the ground surface is not perfectly smooth, the outside material of fabric doesn't always allow for normal expansion of the hose.  

The problem is the materials.  

No! No! Hair Removal

No! No! Hair Removal
Does it work?  Actually, it could hurt a little

The No! No! Hair removal goes into the defies "physics" pile.  The device is sort of a shaver with a heat element.  I guess the idea is to shave and heat the hair off.  But has you probably can imagine if you are heating the hair, it will heat everything in the area, such as skin.  If you heat hair enough to effect it growing back, it will also affect your skin.  Burning your skin to stop hair growth is a little like mowing your lawn with a blowtorch.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gyro Bowl

Does it work? Yes 

The Gyro Bowl is kid friendly snack bowl.  The bowl stays level as the child moves about, turn it far enough and a lid swings over the top.   

The main issue with the product is that it set the bar to high.  In the advertisements, it is sometimes described as spill proof, or 100% kid proof.  Most kids will for example, will shake it, which will negate the gyro aspect of the bowl.

Take the 'spill-proof' out of the title, and it would set the expectation correctly.  It's better than a normal cup or bowl, but I still prefer a good snack cup on the go.  I would use this bowl more around the house.   

Another more minor issue it is over-sided. Will not store as easily as other bowls.  


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stretch Genie

Does it work? Yes 


As usual, general common sense should be used.  This product will not adjust shoes up to a different size, instead can be used for minor adjustments in a specific areas - as in stretching out a narrow heal or a tight tip of a shoe.  

The process is simple, wet the material with the solution, then use the knobs to stretch it.

Note: Only for real leather.  Non-natural materials, such as pleather, do not really stretch.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pour to Store

Pour to Store

Does it work? In deed
The pour to store is is a funnel like device that comes with attachments to accommodate liquids, powders, or a combination type solution or item.  (e.g. olives in a brine).  It also has some attachments for different size vessels.  

A funnel does come in handy.  It can be cumbersome to try to get olives back in a the jar, or soup into a bag for the freezer.  I would the device on occasion.  In reality,  it just doesn't come up that often in my household or when it does,most people just pour it over the the sink.

I do admire the product for the appeal, its great for TV Infomercials.  It’s because it is cheap, and appeals to multiple demographics, such as those that like gadgets people and women in general..  


Monday, April 2, 2012

Perfect Meatloaf

Does it work? Yup

Americans love their meatloaf.  I enjoy meatloaf, and while I like making meatloaf I don’t have a chance to make it that often.  And by the by the number of reviews out there, this is a popular product.

While I don’t like single use products, it’s a simple product -  a loaf pan with a insert with handles and allows a space for fat to drain.  

I can’t say its the most genius invention, but it works.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Music Bullet™

Music Bullet™
Does it work? For some

The music bullet is a small set of portable speakers for mobile devices and tablets that uses the headphones port for sound, and is powered/recharged by a USB port.  The speakers are small, therefore there is a limit the quality/volume of sounds they can produce (damn those laws of physics).  The sound is okay, at best - keep your expectations low. 

In my opinion, speakers that need to be recharged are annoying, but I realize there is no other way. One last note, definitely buy at a local store, the website and other online stores such as Amazon charge a bit more for the product. 


Friday, December 30, 2011

Potty Patch

Potty Patch
Does it work? Not.

The Potty Patch is artificial turf pad with and collection tray underneath with a screen between. 
The idea is that your pet could use this product of going outside.  (Yeah, you hear me - like a potty seat for your pet)

This product is a downer; here are the issues:
1) It smells, and is difficult to clean.
2) The fake grass frays, and is easily chewed apart by your pet. 
3) The product makes a couple of assumptions: One, that your dog will not learn to drag around the turf making a bigger mess than their 'deposits'. Two, that your pet will be attracted to the pad and not use for a chew toy or sleeping pad.

I think this is a pretty poor idea to begin with, but the turf and screen should definitely snap in.  The grass should be durable-able, and should be for a patio only. 

Interestingly, there is a close cousin product called a "Patio Park" for outside use.
Here's the link:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TV Hat

Does it work?  Fail.

This product falls into the ‘I-can’t-believe-this-is-a-real-product’ category.  It’s a baseball cap type device with an extra long bill, and a pocket at the end for the phone.  The pocket has a plastic cover and a x2.5 magnifying viewer to look through.  

First the good: It is ambitious – and I Iove the name, “TV Hat”. 
Simple and good for a short URL.

The bad
It reminds of the weird and wonderful Japanese inventions/contraptions; such as, the tiny umbrella to protect your cigarette in the rain, or glue-type stick made with butter for spreading on toast.  

As you can guess, it fails on many levels.  
  • The pocket doesn't fit many popular phones.
  • The plastic cover on the pocket doesn't lay flat and therefore distorts the video picture.  That’s in addition to the magnifying screen which obfuscates the video also.  
  • It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it.
  • It’s slightly creepy, eccentric looking.  (I’m thinking it may be best for a creative Halloween costume)
  • How often do you need to watch video on a phone, and there’s a glare, and you happen to have the TV Hat, and you don’t mind looking odd?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Magic Mesh

Magic Mesh, Magic Mesh.  (slow head shake here)

This product falls into the “could-probably-do-it-yourself” with better results category.  The product uses magnets and Velcro to support the screen over a door.  As you can probably speculate, Velcro and magnets are not up to the task.  The fabric does not stayed adhered to the door frame, nor does fabric typically close properly.   

In addition, the screen material is low quality and prone to ripping and fraying.

If I wanted such a product, I would use metal wire or depending on the door frame a piece of wood or metal to properly support the fabric with mechanical fasteners such as screws or hooks.   I would also weigh the bottom of the door with string of beads sewn into the bottom to drape the fabric.

Special note: It has been rumored, as so often with ‘as-seen-on-tv’ products ordering from the website or 1-800 number at your own peril.  There are been reports of duplicate orders, difficult to cancel orders, and high “shipping and handling” charges.  (See link below)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Table-Mate II

Table-Mate II
Does it work?  Yup

One of the best items, I’ve ever brought that has been advertised as seen on TV.  After years of use with the “Table-mate II” -- it’s a very functional side table for the couch or sofa.  The main advantage of this table is that the legs slide under the couch or chair that you are sitting making it a excellent platform for eating, drinking, writing, or using a laptop.

However, a couple of minor cons to note: A) it’s not especially stable – it will not necessary fall over, but a drink will spill if bumped.  B) It’s not a looker.  While it’s not awful or anything - Its is white and plastic, and it looks like an inexpensive white plastic table.  (We hide it when company comes over)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Easy Feet Cleaner

Easy Feet Cleaner

Does it work:  No way Philip-pa

It’s been a while since a product has struck out and since I've used a cheesy metaphor.
Here are the 3 strikes:

Strike 1.  The bristles are not long enough, nor are they right firmness.  This causes the soap not to sud up, and with the bristles bending, it hard for them to actually clean.

Strike 2.  The suction cups will not work for many shower surfaces.  For the suction cups to work, the shower surface as to be clean, flat, and smooth.  Often shower floors are not causing easy feet will slide out of place.

Strike 3.  The overall design:  In addition to the suction cups, the with stone at the back, it is easily broken. It also doesn't really clean the sides or the top of your feet. 

My advice is to use a bath brush - it's less work then trying to use easy feet.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cleanstep Mat

Does it work? Yup, it is a mat.

First impressions; this mat will not win special awards for being fashionable.   It is also on the small side.

It's not going to 'grab' mud or other debris off footwear, so the real question is does it stuck up moisture or work better than a normal mat. It does seems to. The fabric of the mat is good at soaking up moisture better than a typical doormat.

It's best use maybe for pets; for example, when walking the dog.

Note:  Has to be washed before using.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Stamp Out

Does it work? Conditional

The "Stamp Out "stamper is for those of us who would like to minimize the chance that personal financial information could be stolen.

The stamp is more of a deterrent than a replacement for a shredder.  It is easier and more convenient than sorting and saving items up for the monthly or weekly shedding session; to be used in lower risk areas as in credit card applications in the mail.  If you have a sizable amount of paper, this is not the solution.

A couple of notes:
* It does not replace a shredder.  For example, it will not cover up text that was impressed on paper (e.g. by a typewriter)
* Could be improved by making it a bit larger to cover a more area.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aluma Wallet

Aluma Wallet
Does it work? As they say in Spanish - No.

This week - short and sweet.  The Aluma Wallet, in my view, has a basic problem.  Wallets are made of flexible material, because pants and human bodies bend.  It's not comfortable having something that doesn't flex in your back pocket.

Other problems; it opens with some force causing the contents to fly out of the wallet.  It's cumbersome to open, plus it is kind of small.  (only room for 4-5 items)

Pros: It could be useful to have your debit and credit cards separate for extra security.

Possible replacement products and links
Flipside Wallet

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Amazing Pocket Chair

The Amazing Pocket Chair

Does it work?  :-| (Double Meh)

The Amazing Pocket Chair from a design perspective is interesting.  They were able to design a chair with very little fabric and metal, that can hold up an adult.  My concern is the quality and usefulness.  I had the same issue that you can tell people in promo video had (although they were doing their best to hide it) - is that you have pretty accurate 'landing' when you sit down otherwise you will tip over or even crush the chair.  Its also not very stable. While it is smaller regular bag lawn chair, it is it less comfortable and harder to use (the locking mechanism is not for everyone).

Once again, since everyone is entitled to my opinion, I would make the chair a bit larger and easier to lock in place. It may not fit in a pocket, but it would certainly be more useful. Replacement ideas: a empty 5 gallon bucket or the 3 legged folding stools.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Total Pillow

Does it work? Personal taste...

A pillow is a matter of personal taste.  I like a high profile, hard pillow; my wife likes a low profile and soft.  In other words, no neck pillow will be the answer for all.  Most will find, the total pillow confortable.  I believe this pillow is good for the car for a long drive or a long flight, something to be used once in a while.  One of the first things most people will note is the quality.  The seams or stiching seems doesn't seem to be great.  Also, it doesn't seem to be washable.

For an everday neck pillow, my suggestion would be go with a product I like the Shiatsu bag even search "neck pillow" on Amazon - which has tons of low cost options.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Flex Seal

Flex Seal
Does it work? Nope.

This product is a good example of at least 3 cliches of 'as-seen-on-tv' products.  

One, like many infomercials products, ordering from the official website or phone number can be a problem:  double charging, over-charging for shipping, and difficulty getting refunds occurs way more than it should.

To avoid this issue, I usually wait the 6 months or so until I can buy the product in a local store (Walgreen's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dollar stores, etc.)

Secondly, this product falls into the category of products that are re-packaged to seem like a new product.  Like the "Mend-it" product which is just epoxy putty - Flex Seal is just rubberized spray, very similar to the stuff sold in auto parts and hardware stores. (The product is also sold as liquid rubber sealant; like paint)

I believe it would work for lining a truck bed or another container for protection or lining the bottom of a vessel for protection against scratches.

However, it does NOT stop leaks (or at least any of the ones I tried).  This is the third cliche of product that is too good to be true.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yoshi Blade

Does it work? Yes

I have always felt the ‘as-seen-on-tv’ as the iron horse of products.  Who doesn’t remember and love Ginsu the knife infomericals (they are still around!) They practically invented the ‘hard sell’ directly to consumers.  Therefore it is my obligation to review the latest of knife products on TV, the Yoshi blade.  

I own a couple of these ceramic knives.  They come in fun colors, they are lightweight, and convenient small size.  Plus, some come with a cover for traveling (for a picnic). I like them because they are cheap and don’t rust.  Also, I use them for tasks I would never use my good knives for - like opening up a box or package when I don’t have the pocket knife handy.

However, these knives are not good for chopping.  And, its hard to tell from the commercial or ad, but they are pretty small, making it easy to get your fingers in the way.

If you are making soup, salad, or cutting bread get out the regular knives, but for miscellaneous little tasks they work fine.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chef’s Envy

Chef’s Envy
Does it work? Yup

The Chef's Envy mandolin slicer is good for soups or salads where there is a lot of slicing to be done.  And since I am unskilled this area; it has been a big help.  It works for the vegetables I have tried, such as carrots, onions, cumbers, tomato, and potatoes; and even some small chili peppers.  I have had no major problems with it’s use.

The cons, besides cleaning the device, I assume the blade will eventually get dull. And as always, since everyone is entitled to my opinion - my suggestion would be to make the blade replaceable. At 35 dollars, they maybe could even throw in an extra blade.

As a side note, I do have a question- and maybe it's just TV, but why don't we see more chefs use a mandolin slicer more often. I normally don't see chefs us any other slicer than a knife.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


CarMD – Handheld Engine Code Reader

Does it work? Half - yes, Half - no

In a nutshell, the device connects with your car’s OBDII port to download the ‘check engine’ error code of your car problem.  Then you connect the device to your computer to upload the information to the database at (Important note: you can use the device with 3 cars that have issues)

The device does not reset the code - in other words, you will still have to visit a repair shop or use another device to clear the check engine light.  The real value of the product, is the advice it gives on the code.  It provides, based on your location, the estimated cost and shops that can fix the problem.  In my case, it was the mass air flow sensor (also called oxygen sensor - not sure how a layman is suppose to know that)

Other options?
Rather then buying a single purpose device, the idea of using the goPoint Technology GL1 OBD-II Accessory for iPhone/iPod/iPad.  I haven't try this product, but if I have another car issue, I’ll probably give a try.  

Friday, May 13, 2011

Swivel Store

Swivel Store
Does it work? Not for spices

Kitchen organizers are problematic, and spice racks, in particular, are cumbersome, and could use some amelioration.  However, this is probably not the answer.  Placing spices in sideways, it eliminates one's view of the spices as soon as you open the cabinet.  Stacking spices vertically should save space, but this device requires some room on both sides to slide out.  As with many as seen on tv items, the material used (plastic) is to lightweight; it can't handle the weight of the spices and can tip over easily.  In addition, for spices in the mini-canister type bottles, the rack covers up the labels.

For now, stick with the traditional methods, like the mini- step type shelves or on-the-door holders.  

* Rack can tip with the weight of the spices
* Requires room on the sides to slide out
* Mini step shelves and on-the-door holders work better


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mister Steamy

Does it work? Kinda of a bust

After a couple of uses, I stopped using the product. In my opinion, the clothes smelled a little musty.  There may be a small difference in wrinkles, but it’s hard to tell for sure.  The big difference, is the amount of noise from the dryer.  I also worry about the durability of the item.  The balls seems to get awful soft, I worry about it staining items in the dryer.

As in other TV products, I wonder again about the physics of the claim made in the commercial.  I'm far from a physicist, but  I think the steam point of water is higher than the avg temp of the typically American dryer. (Can you imagine putting your hand in a dryer of clothes at 200 degrees?) Does steam get created or is it just adding moisture to the drying process?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Swivel Sweeper G2

Since many people have the original, the easiest way to review is to compare it to the original.  For the most part is the same. It a light weight sweeper best for hardwood floors. There are small improvments is the design, for example, the dirt holder is in an improvement over the orginal.

However, it seems to be a little less studier than the orginal.  Also, after a couple of month the battery doesn't seem to last as long.

Amazon Reviews

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wonder File

Wonder File

Does it work? Yes, but not for everyday use

I have to say, I'm impressed with the marketing on this one.  I took a quick look on the web, there are a bunch of website singing praises for this product.  

It's basically a fold able mat with pockets. We use it for an entertainment kit (filled with paper, crayons, markers, etc.) when taking the kids out for dinner or over to the grandparents. It works pretty will for that.  I believe it could also be useful, on a vacation sorting maps and papers.  For everyday use, not so much. A regular folder is easier.

Quick warning, I've heard that people have had numerous problems ordering from the website (high shipping costs, incomplete orders)  I picked my up at target, about $15.  


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Animal Off

Does it work? Nope


According to the commercial and the website, the Bell and Howell device emits a high frequency that magically keeps all pest away from your garbage and garden. The solar power is a nice touch.  

However, like the mosquito ultrasonic repellents they don't really work. I don't know if they are not powerful enough, or if the technology is not based on proven science. My guess is that if the sound/ultrasonic waves were powerful enough to keep animals away, it would probably cause problems for other animals. (Just a guess)

Skip it.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Twin Draft Guard

Does it work? Meh

My issue with the product is that foam may not be the right material; I believe a material that kept it's form would be much better. It will also not probably will not fit all doors; the material is somewhat flexible but in many cases slips off the door when opening and closing.

If I was making the product, I would include a filler that could be added to fill the void needed. (Something akin to packing peanuts but a bit heavier)

Like many of the products on TV, the quality could be better. In summary, is it better than a large beach towel? Meh.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jaw Horse

Jaw Horse
Does it work? Cool beans

It's one of those products, where I didn't really know that I needed one. It's great for binding items together, or rigging items for cutting. Please note, the apparatus is pretty heavy, and takes some practice to break down. At some level, you have to compare it to the alternatives, and it definitely better than a saw horse. About the 3 legs, while it has it's benefits on uneven ground; I would prefer four legs.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Turbo Snake

Does it work? Sure

It obviously due to it's length, it only works over short distances, in other words the first few feet of the drain. If the hair or other debris is further down the drain it will not help. Would probably be best for a sink where the trap is close to the drain.

I would consider this a somewhat disposable once or twice time use system. (they are pretty inexpensive)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Touch N Brush

Touch N Brush
Does it work? It's tube-a-lious

I have to admit I was suspect if this product if it would even work. I enjoy the efficiency of the product, it is reliable and simple; It uses suction to draw the toothpaste out of the tube. In my continuing effect to make products better, I would suggest screws over section cups. While the suction cups is easy to install, screws would be better.

On extra note, the product can be just a messy. While not having to screw and unscrew a top is nice, you still should probably wipe it down once in a while.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Lawn

Quick Lawn / Perfect Lawn
Does it work? Yes

Quick Lawn is one of several products lately making planting grass seed easier. Basically it's grass seed with fertilizer and filler that holds the water moisture.

Like most grass seed, as long as you keep it well watered and the grass seed isn't too old, grass will grow. While it isn't the cheapest way to plant grass seed, but if you just need a small patch here and there this will suffice.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot

Does it work? For gadget lovers only

This product is definitely a gadget. It sounds like fun and easy as pie to use; until you really think about it. Gutters are full debris that will impend a small robot powered on batteries with rubber tracks. However, did clear a patch of dried leaves and twigs for my gutters. Not a total loss.

Some additional complaints, the battery pack runs out of charge quickly and takes a while to charge up. It also throws the contains of the gutter and creates liked of a mess.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hanger Cascader

Does it work? Yes; with some items working better than others

It works with a couple of caveats; it really depending on the item. Shirts or pants that are slim work best. Bulky items will still take about the same amount of space, just lower or more spaced out. If you have a second rod below the top one; items can't hang that far below.

As I have been prone to do lately, is to suggest improvements. My improvements for this product, I would it with fewer hooks on the hanger. Since it's rare that you have enough room to hang items that far down.

Amazon Reviews

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Drops / Toilet Odor Drops

The Drops / Toilet Odor Drops
Does it work? Does something

A little outside the normal "as seen on tv" products, but I couldn't resist. These will be on the tv in no time.

The toilet drops I tried were lavender scent, but it comes in other generic scents such as mint and lemon. The scent is a little like the air fresheners in cars. (The little pine tree ones) It's hard to tell if it really works, since the user typically gets use to the scent. It definitely creates a strong scent, but not as strong as Lysol or other air freshers. In summary, it couldn't hurt.

Further testing to be done...

From another blog (different version sold on Urban Outfitters)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Underbed Shoe Organizer

Does it work? Wow, the quality!

It a good idea, shoes underneath the bed is a good place to store shoes. However, this is not the product to accompleish the task. The quality unfortately is dismal. The zippers separte from the sides and the top; the box material itself is paper thin and very flimy. The cardbaord separators do not fit within the frame.

The good news here is that Rubbermaid makes a perfectly good product. Search amazon for Rubbermaid low-profile storage box.

Reviews on Amazon

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aqua Globes

Does it work? Yes

Happy to report, no real caveats here. The glass bulbs work as advertised, gently watering the plants for 8-14 days at a time. The only problem I could think of is they would be become clogged with soil on occasion. They are easy enough to refill. If you don't mind the look of them, I believe they are a winner.

Reviews on Popular Mechanics

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big City Slider Station

Does it work? Quality in Question

Short and sweet; the big question here is the quality of the product, the non stick coating in particular. I did experience a bit of flaking off into the meat. This is a bit of deal breaker for me. (I happen to have a very low tolerance when it comes to part of the baking apparatus in my food)

This may explain why the product is longer really advertised on TV anymore.

Video Review

Thursday, June 11, 2009

NuWave Oven Pro

NuWave® Oven Pro
Does it work? Yes

It does cook food. At the correct setting it will cook frozen meat well and it is tasty. The basics work best, chicken, hot dogs, potatoes, and vegetables. Flipping and turning food is cumbersome it the device. Its best feature 'set and go' features.

A couple of major issues a) the quality of the product; the dome is fragile and prone to cracking and the base is wobbly. b) secondly the cooking can be uneven. Larger pieces can cook uneven on the outside and the very center.

Good FOX news review

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter

Does it work? Cool

Two caveats, one, is that the planter requires a lot of water; more evaporation since it's out of the ground and exposes more surface area. (it's science!) Secondly, it's heavy, and requires a sturdy hook to hang upside down. Well, it does work. Tomato and other plants do grow in the planter and it's good for small spaces.

My main reason for using the Topsy Turvy was to avoid the critters. But thinking about it now, it would probably would just as easy to build a platform off the ground for a planter box.

One more thing, I didn't find it that easy to use. (I had a hard time getting in the plant in upside down - it's not as easy as it looks)

A pretty fair review

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jokari Fizz Keeper Pump Bottle Cap

Does it work? Yup, yeah bubbles!

The science behind the product is hard to prove either way, but in my humble opinion it seems to work better than just the original cap. I was able to save multiple 2 liter bottles for 4-6 days, with almost no difference in taste and bubbles. (Some sodas seem to do better than others, wonder if it is the bottlers methods for adding carbonation to the liquid...)

A couple of rules to remember would be 1) don't shake the bottle while pumping (or anytime, it release the carbon dioxide from the liquid) 2) don't pump to hard or risk cracking the cap.
For comparison, I will also be trying the "Fizz Keeper Pump and Pour" in the coming weeks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Garden Weasel - Garden Claw


Does it work? Recommended, but think small

First thing, this the "claw" product, not the original "garden weasel" with the spiked wheels than overlap. The "garden claw" is the pole with 4 spikes thing that digs down about 6 inches and then is turned.

The claw works for small areas (pretty obvious by the size). Good applications would be creating a garden bed or breaking up the ground to plant trees or bushes. It's also pretty good at combining soils with fertilizes, compost, or new soil. I use it instead of a traditional hoe and pitchfork.

Saturday, April 11, 2009



Does it work? A hit (and a miss)

As a basic cleaner seems to work well; with very hot water. My whites do seem whiter and it cleaned the grout pretty well. However, a warning if you apply directly to the fabric, test it. Some fabrics turn yellow. I believe it's safer than using bleach, but doesn't work as well either. If I had the patience, I would test it against other alternatives like just plain peroxide or color-safe bleach.

A final note, I can't really speaking to the carpet cleaning aspect of the product. Our home has hardware floors, but others seem please with the results.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Steam Cleaners

Mira Bella Steam Mop

Shark Steam Blaster

Do they work? Was hoping for more

The problem with gadgets is they sometimes they create more problems than they solve. Hot steam is a great cleaning mechanism, however to get that steam requires water and heat. Water and heat are hard to get in a compact and usable form factor. In other words, both product run out of water and heat (in a reasonable amount of time).
My other concern with this products is rust; with the water and heat with metal, rust will develop.

Also, the Mira Bella is a bit flimsy. The handle and the attachment for the pad does not seem to hold-up. The Shark is bit better built but still runs out of heat.

These products may be on to something, but it going to require a much more substantial tool.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dryer Balls


Does it work? Who cares? We get to say 'dryer balls'!

So, what's the story about them?
Do they make items fluffier? Depends on the item (heavy towels and blanket, yup. Regular clothes, not so much).
Do items dry quicker? I believe so.
Do the balls create static? Absolutely.

I question the durability of the balls. I've heard, and it seems to me, they would and do break open on occasion.
Could be a mess...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Loud N Clear

Does it work? What? I can't hear you

We have all, at some point, wish we could hear conversations from a distance. However, this is not the device to accomplish this. The earpiece is uncomfortable and I received a lot of background static. However, the good news, is that I could hear myself loud and clear.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Iron Gym

Does it work? Affirmative (in honor of chin-ups, army exercises)

The iron gym works as promised. It does attaches to doorways and is about as stable as you would except without using hardware to attach it. If you have the self discipline to use it. It's perfect if you have a doorway that is out of the way where you can leave it up.

One note, it fits standard doorways (about 37"), meaning if you have extra wide doorways (about 41") it may not fit your doorway. If so, no worries, the "Power Trainer Pro" fits doorways up to 41".


Just for comparison

FYI - Sold at many local stores, for example @ "Bed, Bath, and Beyond"

Reviews on Amazon

Sunday, January 25, 2009


DOES IT WORK: Like a blanket with sleeves

I HAD to review this product. Its more of a commentary of the state of "as seen on TV" products. People like to buy stuff on TV. Granted, it is a cute name/concept, but it has already been done. I can remember the Skanlet before it. I have a hard time even calling it an invention, it's more of a mash up of a blanket with a hoodie.

That being said, it's a little to roomy for my taste. (It's one size fit all) And it could be just my house but it creates a lot of static electricity. It's also a little thin side.

Comparison vs. the Slanket

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Titan Peeler

DOES IT WORK: It's a go!

In all fairness I don't peel that often; just potatoes and carrots for soup and fruits such as apples and mangoes. Peeling is not a huge problem for me, but the peeler was easier than the standard peeler. It does work in both directions. Overall, I thought the price and the shipping and handling fees were high, but usual for a "as seen on tv" product.

Reviews from Infomercial Ratings

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Smart Lidz

Smart Lidz
DOES IT WORK: For the not so smart

This one is easy; the lid's seal lasts for about 5 minutes. After that time, it loses the 'seal' and the lid come loose. It seems to me the basic problem is that most containers don't have a perfect rim surface and since the Smart Lidz are attached to a plastic rim they can't really conform to uneven surfaces. You can't fight physics.

I suppose if you only need a seal for a short time or just need a loose cover and have 10 extra bucks then you may be satisfied.

A good review