Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Easy Feet Cleaner

Easy Feet Cleaner

Does it work:  No way Philip-pa

It’s been a while since a product has struck out and since I've used a cheesy metaphor.
Here are the 3 strikes:

Strike 1.  The bristles are not long enough, nor are they right firmness.  This causes the soap not to sud up, and with the bristles bending, it hard for them to actually clean.

Strike 2.  The suction cups will not work for many shower surfaces.  For the suction cups to work, the shower surface as to be clean, flat, and smooth.  Often shower floors are not causing easy feet will slide out of place.

Strike 3.  The overall design:  In addition to the suction cups, the with stone at the back, it is easily broken. It also doesn't really clean the sides or the top of your feet. 

My advice is to use a bath brush - it's less work then trying to use easy feet.