Friday, December 2, 2011

Table-Mate II

Table-Mate II
Does it work?  Yup

One of the best items, I’ve ever brought that has been advertised as seen on TV.  After years of use with the “Table-mate II” -- it’s a very functional side table for the couch or sofa.  The main advantage of this table is that the legs slide under the couch or chair that you are sitting making it a excellent platform for eating, drinking, writing, or using a laptop.

However, a couple of minor cons to note: A) it’s not especially stable – it will not necessary fall over, but a drink will spill if bumped.  B) It’s not a looker.  While it’s not awful or anything - Its is white and plastic, and it looks like an inexpensive white plastic table.  (We hide it when company comes over)

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