Monday, March 23, 2009

Steam Cleaners

Mira Bella Steam Mop

Shark Steam Blaster

Do they work? Was hoping for more

The problem with gadgets is they sometimes they create more problems than they solve. Hot steam is a great cleaning mechanism, however to get that steam requires water and heat. Water and heat are hard to get in a compact and usable form factor. In other words, both product run out of water and heat (in a reasonable amount of time).
My other concern with this products is rust; with the water and heat with metal, rust will develop.

Also, the Mira Bella is a bit flimsy. The handle and the attachment for the pad does not seem to hold-up. The Shark is bit better built but still runs out of heat.

These products may be on to something, but it going to require a much more substantial tool.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dryer Balls


Does it work? Who cares? We get to say 'dryer balls'!

So, what's the story about them?
Do they make items fluffier? Depends on the item (heavy towels and blanket, yup. Regular clothes, not so much).
Do items dry quicker? I believe so.
Do the balls create static? Absolutely.

I question the durability of the balls. I've heard, and it seems to me, they would and do break open on occasion.
Could be a mess...