Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pour to Store

Pour to Store

Does it work? In deed
The pour to store is is a funnel like device that comes with attachments to accommodate liquids, powders, or a combination type solution or item.  (e.g. olives in a brine).  It also has some attachments for different size vessels.  

A funnel does come in handy.  It can be cumbersome to try to get olives back in a the jar, or soup into a bag for the freezer.  I would the device on occasion.  In reality,  it just doesn't come up that often in my household or when it does,most people just pour it over the the sink.

I do admire the product for the appeal, its great for TV Infomercials.  It’s because it is cheap, and appeals to multiple demographics, such as those that like gadgets people and women in general..