Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gyro Bowl

Does it work? Yes 

The Gyro Bowl is kid friendly snack bowl.  The bowl stays level as the child moves about, turn it far enough and a lid swings over the top.   

The main issue with the product is that it set the bar to high.  In the advertisements, it is sometimes described as spill proof, or 100% kid proof.  Most kids will for example, will shake it, which will negate the gyro aspect of the bowl.

Take the 'spill-proof' out of the title, and it would set the expectation correctly.  It's better than a normal cup or bowl, but I still prefer a good snack cup on the go.  I would use this bowl more around the house.   

Another more minor issue it is over-sided. Will not store as easily as other bowls.