Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chef’s Envy

Chef’s Envy
URL: www.buychefsenvy.com
Does it work? Yup

The Chef's Envy mandolin slicer is good for soups or salads where there is a lot of slicing to be done.  And since I am unskilled this area; it has been a big help.  It works for the vegetables I have tried, such as carrots, onions, cumbers, tomato, and potatoes; and even some small chili peppers.  I have had no major problems with it’s use.

The cons, besides cleaning the device, I assume the blade will eventually get dull. And as always, since everyone is entitled to my opinion - my suggestion would be to make the blade replaceable. At 35 dollars, they maybe could even throw in an extra blade.

As a side note, I do have a question- and maybe it's just TV, but why don't we see more chefs use a mandolin slicer more often. I normally don't see chefs us any other slicer than a knife.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


CarMD – Handheld Engine Code Reader

URL: www.carmd.com/
Does it work? Half - yes, Half - no

In a nutshell, the device connects with your car’s OBDII port to download the ‘check engine’ error code of your car problem.  Then you connect the device to your computer to upload the information to the database at www.carmd.com. (Important note: you can use the device with 3 cars that have issues)

The device does not reset the code - in other words, you will still have to visit a repair shop or use another device to clear the check engine light.  The real value of the product, is the advice it gives on the code.  It provides, based on your location, the estimated cost and shops that can fix the problem.  In my case, it was the mass air flow sensor (also called oxygen sensor - not sure how a layman is suppose to know that)

Other options?
Rather then buying a single purpose device, the idea of using the goPoint Technology GL1 OBD-II Accessory for iPhone/iPod/iPad.  I haven't try this product, but if I have another car issue, I’ll probably give a try.