Friday, May 13, 2011

Swivel Store

Swivel Store
Does it work? Not for spices

Kitchen organizers are problematic, and spice racks, in particular, are cumbersome, and could use some amelioration.  However, this is probably not the answer.  Placing spices in sideways, it eliminates one's view of the spices as soon as you open the cabinet.  Stacking spices vertically should save space, but this device requires some room on both sides to slide out.  As with many as seen on tv items, the material used (plastic) is to lightweight; it can't handle the weight of the spices and can tip over easily.  In addition, for spices in the mini-canister type bottles, the rack covers up the labels.

For now, stick with the traditional methods, like the mini- step type shelves or on-the-door holders.  

* Rack can tip with the weight of the spices
* Requires room on the sides to slide out
* Mini step shelves and on-the-door holders work better