Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TV Hat

URL: https://www.buytvhatnow.com/
Does it work?  Fail.

This product falls into the ‘I-can’t-believe-this-is-a-real-product’ category.  It’s a baseball cap type device with an extra long bill, and a pocket at the end for the phone.  The pocket has a plastic cover and a x2.5 magnifying viewer to look through.  

First the good: It is ambitious – and I Iove the name, “TV Hat”. 
Simple and good for a short URL.

The bad
It reminds of the weird and wonderful Japanese inventions/contraptions; such as, the tiny umbrella to protect your cigarette in the rain, or glue-type stick made with butter for spreading on toast.  

As you can guess, it fails on many levels.  
  • The pocket doesn't fit many popular phones.
  • The plastic cover on the pocket doesn't lay flat and therefore distorts the video picture.  That’s in addition to the magnifying screen which obfuscates the video also.  
  • It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it.
  • It’s slightly creepy, eccentric looking.  (I’m thinking it may be best for a creative Halloween costume)
  • How often do you need to watch video on a phone, and there’s a glare, and you happen to have the TV Hat, and you don’t mind looking odd?

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