Sunday, March 27, 2011

Animal Off

Does it work? Nope


According to the commercial and the website, the Bell and Howell device emits a high frequency that magically keeps all pest away from your garbage and garden. The solar power is a nice touch.  

However, like the mosquito ultrasonic repellents they don't really work. I don't know if they are not powerful enough, or if the technology is not based on proven science. My guess is that if the sound/ultrasonic waves were powerful enough to keep animals away, it would probably cause problems for other animals. (Just a guess)

Skip it.

1 comment:

ibepatsy said...

I made the mistake of buying 4
Of this animal off by Bell& Howell
WELL LET ME SAY THEY DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT WORK!!!!!!!!! My dog and cat walk right up to them and nothing happens. What a rip off these are save your time and money.NOW I have to pack them all up to return them at my expense.
WHY ARE THESE COMPANY's Not checked out first????????????????????