Friday, September 9, 2011

The Amazing Pocket Chair

The Amazing Pocket Chair

Does it work?  :-| (Double Meh)

The Amazing Pocket Chair from a design perspective is interesting.  They were able to design a chair with very little fabric and metal, that can hold up an adult.  My concern is the quality and usefulness.  I had the same issue that you can tell people in promo video had (although they were doing their best to hide it) - is that you have pretty accurate 'landing' when you sit down otherwise you will tip over or even crush the chair.  Its also not very stable. While it is smaller regular bag lawn chair, it is it less comfortable and harder to use (the locking mechanism is not for everyone).

Once again, since everyone is entitled to my opinion, I would make the chair a bit larger and easier to lock in place. It may not fit in a pocket, but it would certainly be more useful. Replacement ideas: a empty 5 gallon bucket or the 3 legged folding stools.

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