Friday, August 12, 2011

Flex Seal

Flex Seal
Does it work? Nope.

This product is a good example of at least 3 cliches of 'as-seen-on-tv' products.  

One, like many infomercials products, ordering from the official website or phone number can be a problem:  double charging, over-charging for shipping, and difficulty getting refunds occurs way more than it should.

To avoid this issue, I usually wait the 6 months or so until I can buy the product in a local store (Walgreen's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dollar stores, etc.)

Secondly, this product falls into the category of products that are re-packaged to seem like a new product.  Like the "Mend-it" product which is just epoxy putty - Flex Seal is just rubberized spray, very similar to the stuff sold in auto parts and hardware stores. (The product is also sold as liquid rubber sealant; like paint)

I believe it would work for lining a truck bed or another container for protection or lining the bottom of a vessel for protection against scratches.

However, it does NOT stop leaks (or at least any of the ones I tried).  This is the third cliche of product that is too good to be true.

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