Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mister Steamy

Does it work? Kinda of a bust

After a couple of uses, I stopped using the product. In my opinion, the clothes smelled a little musty.  There may be a small difference in wrinkles, but it’s hard to tell for sure.  The big difference, is the amount of noise from the dryer.  I also worry about the durability of the item.  The balls seems to get awful soft, I worry about it staining items in the dryer.

As in other TV products, I wonder again about the physics of the claim made in the commercial.  I'm far from a physicist, but  I think the steam point of water is higher than the avg temp of the typically American dryer. (Can you imagine putting your hand in a dryer of clothes at 200 degrees?) Does steam get created or is it just adding moisture to the drying process?

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Julie in SWFL said...

This DOES work. I use it all the time. I fill it with cold water until it drips, then put it in my dryer with the wrinkled clothes on high for 15 minutes and voila! no more wrinkles.