Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Drops / Toilet Odor Drops

The Drops / Toilet Odor Drops
Does it work? Does something

A little outside the normal "as seen on tv" products, but I couldn't resist. These will be on the tv in no time.

The toilet drops I tried were lavender scent, but it comes in other generic scents such as mint and lemon. The scent is a little like the air fresheners in cars. (The little pine tree ones) It's hard to tell if it really works, since the user typically gets use to the scent. It definitely creates a strong scent, but not as strong as Lysol or other air freshers. In summary, it couldn't hurt.

Further testing to be done...

From another blog (different version sold on Urban Outfitters)

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Save Earth, Use Biodegradable said...

The drops has toxic ingredient in the formula, If your son or someone ingest the product, the chances are that you will have trouble getting up running again.

Just a drop is safer for you and your health.