Monday, September 1, 2008





One of the big selling points from the infomercials is the easy for making of frozen drinks or smoothies. The good news here is that it does seem suited for this purpose. The mugs are easy to blend and serve. It also worked well for making whipped cream. Plus, the counter footprint is small.

The bad news is that the unit does not seem that sturdy; I'm not sure would hold up that great to regular use. Does not clean as easy as advertised. I have found my hand blender (which I love) or small regular blender just as easy to use. Tends to overheat, so use in short pulses.

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Mare said...

I got a magic bullet about 2-3 years ago for Christmas and it has been a very positive experience. My husband uses it weekly to grind coffee. The only problem is that he used it so much the tabs wore off of the plastic cup. We make smoothies and all kinds of drinks and it works quite well, I would get another one if this one ever wears out. The only thing I wouldn't advise is making the cream of brocolli soup in the cookbook. They obviously don't actually eat the soup in the commercial because it tastes nasty. The magic bullet worked but the recipe is a bit to be desired.